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How to Edit Pages

Edit Pages

This is mostly where you’ll perform website edits.

Edit Existing Pages:

  • Under Pages (tab in left black menu) you will click All Pages (sub-tab under Pages) to see full list of pages.
  • In Pages listing, hover over a page title and you will see the following actions:
    Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View | Duplicate This
  • Click Edit to edit the page.

Edit Page Content

This WordPress theme is build with “modules“— the colorful sections.
The 1st section is the banner section (containing the page’s abstract banner art).
The 2nd section contains the page content.
To open the section, click the arrow.
To edit the contents of a module, you’ll want to click the cog (icon). 

Edit Module Content

Edit Text section.  The text editor features a tool bar (similar to most text editors). On the toolbar you can highlight text and change from paragraph to headline. As well you can bold, italicize, bullet and more.

*Please note:
You’ll want to be conscious of hard-returns vs. soft-returns. Following are keyboard instructions for Mac/PC:

  • Soft return: To create a non-paragraph line break or soft return, hold the Shift key and hit Return (key).
  • Hard return: To create a paragraph return or hard return, simply hit the Return (key).